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Looking for a toddler daycare program is a highly personal decision. Parents in Vaughan know how difficult it can be. Many parents in our community work long hours and thus feel the need to entrust the care of their child to an accredited professional.

To their comfort, Thornhill Woods Daycare operates as a licensed daycare service in Vaughan. In our care for every child, we bring the expertise that has made us the highest-rated daycare service in the York Region.

Daycare Vaughan

We know that entrusting your child’s physical and mental safety to another can be stressful, and often involves a fair degree of searching, comparing, and investigation. We welcome that. After all, there’s a reason for our many positive reviews, and for the countless parents who bring multiple children to us for care: they know that our approach to daycare and kindergarten in Vaughan is rooted in individual attention to every child, love, respect, and a focus on healthy development.

Why Choose Thornhill Woods Daycare?

Whether we are providing infant daycare or JK/ SK daycare in Vaughan, at Thornhill Woods Daycare, we know that every second with your child is priceless.

Daycare Vaughan

That’s why we take care of the layout and condition of our Ministry-licensed toddler daycare, so we can confidently offer the comfort of a home-like environment to every child that comes in our door. From toddler daycare through to our care for older children, we keep groups small, so that we never exceed the number of children who can comfortably rest in our space—and so that our focused and dedicated professionals can attend to each child’s particular needs and desires.

We recognize that every child is unique and so we go to great lengths to ensure that we balance the core curriculum along with specialized learning strategies that help them succeed as an individual. Beyond that, we’re especially proud to offer extra daycare activities, like child-friendly music and yoga programs, to help stimulate growth and development.

Finally, we know that when it comes to early childhood education, your child’s most important teachers are their parents. We go the extra mile, so you can have daily feedback and tips to help you build upon the lessons we provide your child during their time with us. In our eyes, our role is to support and aid you in your child’s development process.

FAQs about Daycares in Vaughan

Daycare Vaughan
What’s the difference between daycare and preschool?

At Thornhill Woods, our preschool programs are particularly geared toward preparing your child for future development at the kindergarten level. This differs from our daycare offerings, which are built to accommodate younger toddlers and infants, who may need to focus on more fundamental skills.

Is toddler daycare good for child development?

The most recent scientific studies have shown that children from the ages of 6 months to 4 years benefit particularly from the environment of a professional children’s daycare, especially due to the focus on instruction, socialization, and structure.

What should I look for in a daycare for my child?

As we mentioned, choosing a daycare facility for your children will always be an intimate, personal decision. However, in every case, parents should note the following criteria:
– Education—Are the programs built around a carefully scaffolded curriculum?
– Socialization—Does the daycare offer ample opportunity for face-to-face interaction with other children?
– Continuous Care—Continuity is important to early childhood development. It’s crucial that the daycare you choose has staff who are dedicated to building long-term relationships with your child that will last throughout their time there.

To learn more about our toddler daycare facility in Vaughan, our preschool programs, and our enrollment fees, get in touch with us.