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Preschool Programs for Vaughan & Thornhill

Thornhill Woods Daycare’s pre-school program promotes a balance of positive learning and playing to build a strong foundation for your child’s future development at the JK/SK level (A Research about JK/SK stages of development.)

Toddler Preschool Development

In pre-school, children play and work to learn the language, social skills, pre-math concepts, pre-reading concepts and ideas about the physical world. Our classrooms create a stimulating environment where children can develop these concepts and incorporate them into language, science, math and social skills. Group play, circle time and our outdoor play facility will also encourage social and emotional development for your child, giving them the ability to interact with others. Age appropriate stories are read throughout the day by our enthusiastic staff, and we ensure that our daily reading programs will help enrich your child’s language skills.To add excitement to the concept of reading, we encourage children to choose their favorite stories from an array of books in our library.toddler preschool

Last but not least, outdoor playtime which is another primary focus in your toddler’s development will improve gross motor skills for your child, as a regular physical activity is proven to be essential for proper preschool development.

Our experienced Early Child Educators create a warm and nurturing environment giving your child the confidence they need to explore and develop at their individual pace while still providing an academically enriched program in Vaughan & Thornhill.

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