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JK/SK Program


Thornhill Woods Daycare is proud to offer a JK/SK program for your child that will foster their independent learning style. Our JK/SK program provides attentiveness and care to students with a teacher-child ratio of 1:10 with our highly trained staff. Our goal is to partner with each family to create the best learning environment for your child and foster a strong foundation for their future learning.

Curriculum and Quality Of Education

JK/SK Program

As a leading Vaughan daycare, we want to help shape the mind of your child with our dedicated team of Registered Early Educators with an immersive curriculum and attention to the quality of education. Our experienced staff devote themselves to nurture each child in accordance with the ELECT program as outlined by the Ministry of Education.

ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) is Ontario’s guide used to support curriculum in early childhood settings. These settings include but are not limited to childcare centres, kindergarten classrooms, home childcare, nursery schools, Ontario Early Years Centres and more.

We believe in the effectiveness of ELECT in preparing children for later years in school. It is a program that aims to teach children the necessary skills to develop properly.

The 5 Stages of Child Development

JK/SK Program

Tailoring to the needs of each child, our hard-working staff focuses on child development while paying attention to their individual needs. Therefore, we focus on the most important aspects of early childhood development:

  1. Cognitive Development: A child’s essential ability to truly learn and problem solve.
  2. Social and Emotional Development: A child’s ability to interact with others, communicate non-verbally, share, and develop self-control.
  3. Speech and Language Development: A child’s ability to understand the complexities of language and speech and how to use them.
  4. Fine Motor Skill Development: This is the child’s ability to use small muscles such as their hands and fingers, to hold and pick up small objects.
  5. Gross Motor Skill Development: This is the child’s ability to use their larger muscles for activities.

Daycare Activities for Our JK/SK Program

We implement the ELECT curriculum through activities children can engage in and learn from. This includes:

✨ Puzzles (including building blocks, and shape recognition games)

✨ Group playtime

✨ Reading time (including access to our extensive library)

✨ Arts and crafts

✨ Attention to individual child needs

✨ Outdoor playtime

We Cater Our JK/SK Curriculum to Benefit Your Child

We understand that every child learns differently. Some kids are visual learners, while others are musical. Some are introverted, whereas others are extroverted. Thus, we ensure our activities suit your child’s individual needs so they can fully benefit from our program.

Meals And Snacks

JK/SK Program

In addition to our various activities, we are delighted to offer a nutrition-based planned lunch and snack menu for your child within our program. Prepared on-site in our nut-free daycare, our fresh, non-processed food is provided daily. We also offer your child food substitutions for allergies and food restrictions.

We hope you choose our program for your child. For further information on our junior and senior kindergarten programs, please contact us.


At what age can a child start kindergarten in Ontario?

Children can begin attending junior kindergarten the year they turn 4 years old.

Is JK free in Ontario?

Children in Ontario are required to attend school by law starting Grade 1 the year they turn six years old. Any education program before this is not required by law and is not free.

Is senior kindergarten mandatory in Ontario?

Senior kindergarten is not mandatory in Ontario, but we highly recommend enrolling your child in an SK program to help them transition smoothly to the next step, which is Grade 1.