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Top-Rated Daycare in the Vaughan Region

Top-Rated Daycare in the Vaughan Region

Thornhill Woods Daycare offers a safe, unique learning environment in two separate locations in Vaughan and Thornhill. Our top rated facilities and staff provide a space for children to play, learn, discover and laugh, in the safety and comfort of a home-like atmosphere. Thornhill Woods team understands the modern parent’s busy schedule, and aim to fill children’s daily lives with joy and laughter.

The two daycare locations are a convenient drive from anywhere in the Vaughan area, and offers programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and JK/SK, with an emphasis on school preparation. The two locations are located right off of Highway 7 as well as on the corner of Dufferin and Autumn Hill. Here is what this extraordinary daycare center can offer your children!

A program which is made with each child in mind.

With a philosophy that ever child is unique, the teachers and staff of Thornhill Woods Daycare aim to bring out the individual potential in every child. Through physical, intellectual and social development and a program that focuses attention on each of those, your child will thrive while having fun.

A safe environment in which your child can learn and grow.

All Thornhill Woods Daycare teachers and staff are caring and well trained in early childhood education. The facility is maintained to the highest standards, to ensure the safety and security of children, while providing the parents with peace of mind.

An extensive, and delicious meal plan that takes into account allergies, sensitivities, and religious orientations.

With new meal plans daily, Thornhill Woods offers hearty breakfast snacks and lunches and afternoon snacks, all of which are meant to keep your child’s energies up while nourishing them nutritionally. The staff takes extra care to accommodate students with allergies, sensitivities or religious restrictions. Meals are nutritiously balanced to meet your child’s dietary needs and comply with Canada’s Food Guide.

A happy, social group in which your child can thrive intellectually and emotionally.

The smaller size of Thornhill Woods Daycare allows for a higher teacher to student ratio than most daycares, meaning more individual attention is given to each and every child. Particular attention to individual needs and learning capacities is encouraged through the smaller facility size. Also, this allows for children to create long lasting friendships within their groups, and guarantees a positive social circle.

A curriculum which encourages learning through a wide variety of means.

The curriculum offered is age appropriate, with diverse programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and JK/SK children. Staff and teachers encourage learning through different programs and activities which are based on children’s individual needs, filling the daycare’s belief that every child learns differently. The experienced staff goes out of their way to provide children with warmth and stimulation while motivating and inspiring children to learn in growing in a variety of ways and targeting the five top areas of childhood development.

Thornhill Woods Daycare was recently rated as the best daycare in the York Region.

Come by yourself for a tour and see what this fantastic establishment has to offer you and your children. With two convenient locations in the Vaughan area, it’s right on your doorstep. To learn more about Thornhill Woods Daycares individual programs or inquire about spots and availability, visit our website at thornhillwoodsdaycare.com, call at (905) 886-4386 or email us at info@thornhillwoodsdaycare.com. Learning and smiles are just around the corner at Thornhill Woods!

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